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Flax dessert with honey

Flax dessert with honey
200 grams
12 months
Without sugar

Flaxseed dessert made of golden flaxseeds with honey is a valuable dietary product that has a healing, strengthening and tonic effect. Improves the functioning of the whole body, increasing its efficiency and strengthening the body's immunity due to natural ingredients.

Packaged in glass cans, 200 g. Two types - flax with honey, and flax with honey and cocoa.

Ingredients: linseed flour, linseed bran, linseed oil and honey. Cocoa is added to the second version.

Directions for use: eaten in its pure form, by spreading on bread, seasoned with porridge and cereal as a nutritious agent to maintain strength. If an oil layer forms in the can, stir before use.

Storage conditions: the product is stored in clean, dry ventilated rooms, protected from direct sunlight, at a temperature of 0-20 ° C.